UPDATES on 21 Oct 2009

October 25, 2009

UPDATES on 21 Oct 2009

UPDATES on 21 Oct 2009 icon:h_kira01icon:mark3_newicon:h_kira01

Last week LIMITED Halloween items were gone and were updated with NEW UPDATED itemsicon:mark3_sign03

icon:mark3_new NEW and LIMITED ITEMS icon:mark3_new

INTERIOR icon:o_chairicon:h_shine
with LIMITED Halloween items - 2nd batch icon:mark3_sign03


icon:num_1_one Glass Double Door   $2,200

Wall Decoration

icon:num_2_two icon:o_dokuro Deer Wall Decor   $2,200
icon:num_3_three icon:o_dokuro Monster Clock   $2,300


icon:num_4_four icon:o_dokuro Tentacle Jar   $500
icon:num_5_five icon:o_dokuro Gravestone   $1,300
icon:num_6_six icon:o_dokuro Evil Pumpkin Decor   


icon:num_7_seven Orange Tile   $25


icon:num_8_eight Slot Machine   PFC 8


icon:num_9_nine icon:o_dokuro Halloween Stove   $3,000

A new SLOT MACHINE icon:mark3_sign03 

Only obtainable with Playfish Coins...

20091021_slot_machineYeah, sure I don't support gambling and gamblers, but I do admire the boss who made icon:o_dollaricon:o_dollaricon:o_dollar with them icon:face2_lovely icon:h_kira02

20091021_retro_arcade_machineAs well as this Retro Arcade Machine of course. (New intro updates.)

EXTERIOR icon:yb_house02icon:h_kira01
with LIMITED Halloween items - 2nd batch icon:mark3_sign03

icon:num_1_one icon:o_dokuro Spooky Roof   $8,000

Street Decoration

icon:num_2_two icon:o_dokuro Will o'Lantern   $900
icon:num_3_three icon:o_dokuro Vital o'Lantern    $950
icon:num_4_four icon:o_dokuro Spooky Street Lamp   $1,000
icon:num_5_five icon:o_dokuro Michelle o'Lantern   $1,200

There's still no sign of Jack..
I wonder if the above name of o'Lanterns are the name of the staffs... icon:an_c_hiyoko

Anyway, remembericon:mark3_sign01 The
LIMITED items are just there for a week icon:mark3_sign03

Don't miss out icon:mark3_sign01 icon:face4_kao-a05

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