October 5, 2009


I believe that the majority of Restaurant City players are using Restaurant City Market as one of the most helpful tool for trading ingredients. icon:f_f_banana icon:a3_leftright icon:f_f_apple icon:a3_leftright icon:f_bread icon:a3_leftright icon:f_medamayaki

icon:body2_a_paper In case, for those who do not have any idea on what's Restaurant City Market is icon:h_hatena01 
Click icon:body3_te03 to know more before you continue icon:face2_catfaceicon:body3_te03 

Today...I would just want to say...

icon:o_p22_mail2TRADE FAIRLY PLEEEAAAASSSEEEEicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face2_cryingicon:h_kira02 

Don't you ever get frustrated when you get 20 over trade requests with all UNFAIR trade requests, moreover from the same person all in a row icon:mark3_sign02 icon:face2_bearingicon:h_annoy

Restaurant City Market is created as a reference for all Restaurant City residents to trade. icon:f_medamayakiicon:a3_leftrighticon:f_c_softicon:body2_a_good

Having Restaurant City Market, we get to know each other needs and if it matched, we request to add that person to our friend list in Facebook. icon:face5_boyicon:mark3_sign05icon:face5_girl

We also have a STATISTICS graph to let us know which are the most wanted and unwanted ingredientsicon:mark3_sign01icon:f_c_cake icon:a2_up icon:f_kinoko02 icon:a2_down

The STATISTICSicon:mark3_sign04icon:a2_down2


Oh yes, this really helps a lot and make our trading business so much easier to be doneicon:mark3_sign01
Real thanks to the founder of Restaurant City Marketicon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign04 Yannick Delwiche

However, why do everyone tends to TRADE UNFAIRLY STILL icon:mark3_sign02icon:mark3_sign02 icon:face2_angryicon:h_annoy

Why why WHYicon:mark3_sign02icon:mark3_sign02 icon:face2_bearing icon:h_hatena04

Let's say, even if I've set "Give" for cream or milk and "Want" for noodles or corn, that doesn't mean the above trade request is's not a fair trade... icon:face4_kao-a15

People should know, noodles, corns, saffron, and all are easier to get. 


Coz, menu that needs these ingredients is not much. Maybe only 1 menu that needs them which literally means that everybody yearn to give them away~icon:mark3_sign01icon:face2_gawkicon:h_sweat02

For example, 

Noodle is only used in icon:f_noodleYakibuta Ramenicon:f_noodle   (Noodle needed x10)

Corn is only used in icon:f_x_coffeSweetcorn Soupicon:f_x_coffe  (Corn needed x10)

Saffron is only used in icon:an_honeSeafood Paellaicon:an_hone  (Saffron needed x10)

Compare to, icon:w_5_l_thunder

Cream is used in icon:no01Pumpkin Soup, icon:no02Sweetcorn Soup, icon:no03Creme Brulee,  icon:no04Banana Split, icon:no05Sundae, icon:no06Pomegranate Parfait and icon:no07Vanilla Hot Chocolateicon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03 icon:f_x_coffeicon:f_x_coffe02icon:f_c_softicon:f_x_b_osake02icon:f_c_prinicon:face2_deliciousicon:h_heart09  (Cream needed x70)

Milk is used in Cream of icon:no01Mushroom Soup, icon:no02Vegetable Chowder, icon:no03Mango Pudding, icon:no04Vanilla Panna Cotta, icon:no05Coffee, icon:no06Chocolate Milkshake, icon:no07Strawberry Milkshake and icon:no08Royal Bubble Teaicon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:f_x_coffeicon:f_x_coffe02icon:f_x_coffe03icon:f_c_softicon:f_c_prinicon:f_c_cake2icon:f_c_cakeicon:f_x_baricon:face2_deliciousicon:h_heart09  (Milk needed x80)

7 or 8 times Cream & Milk is needed and without a fair trade, they are hard to collecticon:mark3_sign01

Example of some FAIR TRADE~icon:mark3_sign01which is rare~icon:mark3_sign03 icon:h_kira01


A fair trade doesn't need to be exactly trading with the ingredients in the same level according to the statistic. But at least something nearer and reasonableicon:mark3_sign01icon:f_f_bananaicon:a3_leftrighticon:f_f_apple icon:face2_happy01icon:body2_a_good

In the end, we still need to think about what we really need for our menu.icon:face2_delicious

Manage and think wiselyicon:mark3_sign03icon:o_flairicon:face2_happy02icon:body3_te03

Not something like thisicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face2_gawkicon:h_okoru


Remember, this is just a selfish act and I don't think this will be a good trade.icon:face2_bearingicon:a2_down

It is understandable for people who are new,

but totally just hard to understand for people who are already in High - Max level who send all UNFAIR TRADE REQUESTicon:mark3_sign01 icon:face2_angryicon:h_annoy

1 unfair trade is still nice,

20~30 UNFAIR TRADE REQUESTS at one time is RUDEicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03icon:face2_angryicon:h_annoyicon:h_annoy

Let's be nice when being a neighbor in Restaurant City icon:h_heart08 

TRADE FAIRLYicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03 icon:f_f_bananaicon:a3_leftrighticon:f_f_apple icon:face2_delicious icon:h_heart08


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June 21, 2009

Restaurant City Market. Trade trade TRADE !

Besides adding people or asking people to add from the discussion board stated in the last entry, you should also get started with the Restaurant City Market!

Restaurant City Market is an application in Facebook created specially for "trading purpose".


give or want_RC_market

ONE click for your the ingredient that you want Give and TWO click for the ingredient that you Want.
Then you'll see this list:

RC market_trading folksA list of people who match your needs of Giving and Wanting. Go ahead and add people who you think that can trade fairly with you to your Facebook friend list. Create a new list as "Restaurant City" and categorize them so that you mix up your RC friends with your real friends~ (^0^)
By adding them, you gain one BONUS ingredient and you can TRADE~ (^3^)

trade market post on profileYou can even post them on your profile to attracts trader~!

And please do understand the following statistic chart provided!

statistic ingredients chartThis chart shows you the popular ingredient and the unpopular ingredient.
Please do request your trade accordingly and fairly. Know other people menu, see what they need from their menu before you trade so that you won't get a decline. (^-^)

Message from Restaurant City Market:

Tip: Update your ingredients list regularily!
Tip: Let others know about your level so they can easily find you.
Tip: When adding someone, mention it is for Restaurant City (RC) and your level in the game.


Good luck~!


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June 21, 2009


Trading your ingredients with your friends is the most efficient way and faster to what you want!

Trade with all your friends in your own street~
But, friends are so limited?
Then, start to add, Add,
ADD people from all over the world to your Facebook friend's list!

Create a new list and name it [Restaurant City] or [RC] in your friend list so that you don't mix it with your current real friends.

Then, search and join one of the 
Restaurant City Adding Group in Facebook,
then start posting "
ADD ME" in the discussion board like this!

discussion board add me
This community seems started just to ass among RC's residents!
And there're lots more...

I did one too~ (^0^;

haruka add me

WS000001-6.JPGYou can either post in one of the topic made, or open a topic by yourselves.(^-^)

And, therefore I got all these adds in just minutes!!!

adds in profile

By adding, not only you can trade with your new added friends, you can earn your first visit bonus ingredient as well~! (^0^*)

Add, get bonus ingredient, trade, and you can delete the account if you want to avoid loading problems!


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