The Restaurant City Garden

November 7, 2009

The Restaurant City Garden

I know, this entry might be just so out-dated for your information. icon:face3_kao21

It's just that I still need to write about the Garden icon:p_futaba, even though you might have already got the details from all other game sites.. icon:face3_kao17

So, the Garden at the back of your restaurant (added by Playfish since the 28 Aug 2009), is actually a small farm which produces  ingredients to be used in recipes. icon:f_c_cakeicon:h_shineicon:f_noodleicon:h_shine

How to plant?

icon:body3_te03 First, click the soil, and the following window will pop-up.

20091027_farm_seedWanna plant a seed? Yeah, plant when you have the icon:o_dollaricon:o_dollaricon:o_dollar icon:h_kira01 of course.

It's pretty costly. icon:o_dollaricon:h_shine

There're 9 patches, each for 2,000 coins.

18,000 coins for all 9 patches at one time. icon:face2_bearing

Moreover, you wouldn't know what ingredients you are going to geticon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_shock

You know, you may get ingredients which do not even worth a coinicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_shout  

Imagine 3 saffrons at a time...6,000 coins gone... icon:face_shouticon:face_shouticon:face_shout

Well, you might get 3 sugars in return though~icon:h_kira01 icon:face2_lovely  

Anyway, here are some details about the GARDEN icon:p_yotuba

icon:p_futaba Ingredients that you may get from the garden icon:p_futaba

icon:no00icon:no01 Sugar
icon:no00icon:no02 Bayleaf
icon:no00icon:no03 Garlic
icon:no00icon:no04 Basil
icon:no00icon:no05 Coffee Beans
icon:no00icon:no06 Tea Leaves
icon:no00icon:no07 Vanilla
icon:no00icon:no08 Ginger
icon:no00icon:no09 Saffron
icon:no00 Coriander
icon:no01icon:no01 Oregano
icon:no01icon:no02 Wasabi

One more thing to bear in mind is that, having the garden added to Restaurant City, you are no longer be able to get these ingredients from the Daily Bonus IngredientsDaily Food Quiz or First-Friend-Visit Ingredients

You can only get these ingredients now by plantingicon:p_futaba or tradeicon:a3_leftright.

icon:p_futaba Your LEVELS icon:p_futaba

You can only start to plant a seed when you reached certain levels.

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 16   icon:p_bud (1 plot)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 18   icon:p_budicon:p_bud (2 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 20   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (3 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 22   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (4 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 24   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (5 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 26   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (6 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 28   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (7 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 30   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (8 plots)

icon:f_z_spoon01 Level 32   icon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_budicon:p_bud (9 plots)

icon:p_futaba Care for the plants icon:p_futaba

There's not much to care of for the plants.

You just need to water the plants before it dries up. 

20091027_farm_dryThe plant will stop growing if you leave the soil dry to crack.

However, there's nothing to worry about as well. 

It will not die and back to growth once you water them again. icon:p_sabotenicon:h_shine

20091027_farm_waterOne click gives out 3 hours of water.

0 hours icon:h_sweat01 3 hours icon:h_sweat01 6 hoursicon:h_sweat01 9 hours

icon:p_futaba The process of growth icon:p_futaba

The plants take 48 hours to grow until they're ready to harvest.

There are 6 stages of growth.

Stage 1 : 48 hours to go
Stage 2 : 38 hours to go
Stage 3 : 28 hours to go
Stage 4 : 18 hours to go
Stage 5 :   8 hours to go
Stage 6 : Ready to Harvest icon:mark3_sign03 icon:p_budicon:h_shine

You can't tell what ingredients that you'll be getting the first 30 hours (Stage 1 to Stage 3) for all plants appearance are the same. icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba icon:p_futaba

 Stage 1 to Stage 3 icon:a2_down2


You'll see what you're going to get once you reached Stage 4

Stage 4 to Stage 6 icon:a2_down2

icon:no00icon:no01 Sugar 

icon:no00icon:no02 Bayleaf

icon:no03 Garlic

icon:no04 Basil

icon:no00icon:no05 Coffee Beans

icon:no00icon:no06 Tea Leaves

icon:no00icon:no07 Vanilla

icon:no00icon:no08 Ginger

icon:no00icon:no09 Saffron

icon:no01icon:no00 Coriander

icon:no01icon:no01 Oregano

icon:no01icon:no02 Wasabi

icon:face3_kao06 Happy Harvest~ icon:mark3_sign03 icon:p_futabaicon:h_shine

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