How to place wall decorations NOT against the wall !

November 9, 2009

How to place wall decorations NOT against the wall !

You might have previously seen someone's restaurant who have doors for their toilets. icon:an_c_hiyokoicon:h_hatena01 

Or drapery NOT on both side of the walls but in the middle of the restaurant. icon:an_c_hiyokoicon:h_hatena02 

How did they made it icon:mark3_sign02

It's actually quite simple. icon:face3_kao07 (Not hard at all compare to How-to-stack icon:face3_kao19)

So, today's topic is:

icon:an_c_hiyoko How to have door for toiletsicon:mark3_sign02 

icon:an_c_hiyoko How to set up drapery nicely on a nice stand-alone white wallicon:mark3_sign02

icon:an_c_hiyoko How to have window in the middle of the restauranticon:mark3_sign02

icon:an_c_hiyoko How to have a teleport door like 'Doraemon Anywhere Door'icon:mark3_sign02

icon:an_c_hiyoko How to have flying wall candles like those in 'Hogwarts School (Harry Potter)'icon:mark3_sign02

Follow the steps and you'll have it done perfectly. icon:h_note icon:face_self-conscious_smile

icon:num_1_one Place an object on to a spot, wherever you want your door or wall item to be at later. 


icon:num_2_two Drag the object to the "TICK" mark. 

icon:body2_a_paper At this point, remember to change your tools menu to the doors or wall decorations menu before you proceed to drag.


icon:num_3_three Then, release left-click on your mouse.


icon:num_4_four Without clicking anything, drag the object to a wall items that you've selected.


icon:num_5_five Click on to it.


icon:num_6_six Drag the wall item out and place it onicon:mark3_sign01

icon:body3_te03 It doesn't matter where you drag and place it on, the item will bounce automatically back to the spot where you've placed the object from the beginning once you released.


Save your game and...

icon:num_7_seven Taadaaaaaah~icon:mark3_sign03 

A Magical Dooricon:mark3_sign01 where people comes out from nowhere  icon:o_dokuroicon:h_kira01


Next, how to turn to face different direction. icon:h_hatena04


icon:num_8_eight Place out a *turnable* object on to a spot.


icon:num_9_nine Then, turn object to face whichever direction you want your wall item to face.


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_0_zero Repeat steps icon:num_2_two to icon:num_6_six as stated above icon:mark3_sign04 Just repeat exactly the same icon:h_note3


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_1_one The wall item will then automatically turn to face accordinglyicon:mark3_sign01


Save your game and...

icon:num_1_oneicon:num_2_two Taadaaaaah~icon:mark3_sign03

A Teleport Dooricon:mark3_sign01icon:h_kira01 icon:o_door icon:a3_leftright icon:yb_see


If you got a lil' confused, check out this videoicon:mark3_sign01 icon:h_kira02icon:o_v_movie 

How to place doors or any wall items NOT against the wall

Yay~icon:mark3_sign01icon:a2_upicon:a2_up Another awesome trick in Restaurant Cityicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face2_happy02 icon:yb_m_fujiicon:h_kira01

So now you can have your interior made up like these using this method besides stacking~icon:mark3_sign01 icon:face3_kao07icon:body3_te02

icon:no01 Interior with a teleport door, flying vents, and windows on invisible walls


icon:no02 Interior with toilet signs anywhere you want and window as dividersicon:h_heart06


icon:no03 Interior with mirrors for wallsicon:h_heart06


icon:no04 Any kind of interior that you wishedicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_note icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06icon:h_heart06

Be the Master of Interior for Restaurant Cityicon:yb_house02icon:h_heart08

Goooooood luck~ icon:face3_kao07icon:h_shine 


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Comments (34)

This is another bug right?:D

Miyukiseta  | November 10, 2009 01:41

Yes, another bug! :D

Haruka Author Profile Page | November 10, 2009 09:17

thanks i got it!! By the way how can i put decoration outside the restaurant like putting fountains on the garden?

PawPaw  | November 27, 2009 23:46

By the way, i'm having trouble putting windows on the whitewall( like the one on the last picture). Can u tell us how you did it.

PawPaw  | November 28, 2009 00:00

hindi naman gumagana eh ='( anu ba yan

Anonymous  | December 25, 2009 18:06

totoo ba talaga ung stack na sinasabi dito . i think hindi kasi ilang beses ko inulit na ubos lang ang pera ko kasi nawawala palati

Anonymous  | December 25, 2009 18:18

Bathroom door is not working.. it end up as a teleport door..

kokoro  | January 4, 2010 18:59

i've tried stacking and i've tried placing wall deco not against the wall, and both works. But then how can i put a gender sign on a drapery?

i can't figure it out......

Brian  | January 31, 2010 00:52

thanx for the tip on the doors and wall hangings :) worked beautiful.. next I am trying to figure out how to get wall hangings on the wall hangings in the middle of the room example: curtain wall with hanging decorations on it... if you can instruct me or post another helpful blog... another example: how to hang things on the white wall extensions... when I try it the wall pieces become invisible :|
Thank You so much for all your help so far

Ash  | March 4, 2010 22:22

What an interesting write up. Thanks. How do you manage to keep away the spammers? My blogs are full of spam comments.

Effie Stclaire  | March 14, 2010 21:45

i got it thank you

james  | March 22, 2010 16:51

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outdoor electric grills  | April 22, 2010 10:03

Wonderful! and so easy to follow...BUT..could you explain how to add the toilet sign to the door? I have moved the door so it is in the middle of the restaurant but now how do I add the sign?? Help!! Anyone????

Caro  | April 23, 2010 12:43

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Alissa Hollar  | May 1, 2010 00:00

Excellent job.

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GOODMANPENNY32  | May 24, 2010 19:31

too bad- I've done this before and it worked... but I've purchased new items and this trick seems to no longer work.

Anon  | July 19, 2010 13:56

it worked before but it doesn't anymore....any new tricks to have the same effect?

Puppie Tet  | July 20, 2010 12:06

love it thanx so much i was wonderin how they did it and now my friend is jelous so i can brib her heheheh!

neco-girl  | September 13, 2010 17:42

heyy, i found an easier way to stack and to place items not against the wall. i found it on the playfish forum site and they said to hold the CTRL key to stack or place it not against a wall. ^^ hope this helped

Eth  | November 3, 2010 21:41

either i am being really thick or i can get wallpaper or doors in the middle of the room ... when i drag the "object" to the tick the icon doesnt change after i have lifted the left click?????
Can anyone help???

jakki  | November 10, 2010 17:21

This is the old version, it doesn't works anymore!

alice  | December 16, 2010 20:30

adis  | January 25, 2011 03:33

this is still working, you just need to click ctrl while doing it :D

ann  | July 27, 2011 15:45

thank you ANN!!!

Rae  | August 15, 2011 09:37

Never would have thunk I would find this so indispnseable.

Jetsyn  | January 18, 2012 04:52

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