How to stack for EXPERT!

August 10, 2009

How to stack for EXPERT!

I've blogged about "how to stack items" in my previous entry - Stack Stack STACK for an IMPACT! which was about stacking items for those which are able to place on top of a table or a stand.

Have you been wondering on "How to Stack" for all the other items or furniture? icon:hiyoko icon:hatena01

For example, 

"How to stack tables?"

"How to stack chairs?"

"How to stack barrel with tap?"

"How to stack blocks?"


"How to stack plants?"

You know what? You can actually stack any, I mean ANY items for interior in Restaurant City! icon:happy02icon:upicon:upicon:upicon:kira01

Happy happy TRY THIS OUT!!!

icon:one First, place items that you want to stack into the layout. 
icon:paperATTENTION: You have to place them out to the layout first before proceeding to stack or else, some failure may occurred! 


icon:two Drag the page until the "TICK" box is on top of the item that you wish to be stacked on.


icon:three Place the other item to stack on top with your cursor on top of the "TICK" box and CLICK !


icon:four You'll see the item you stacked on top disappeared once you are in the *running-mode*.
But don't worry! You'll get it back! icon:smile


icon:five Save your game !


icon:six Reload your game !


icon:seven Tadaaaah! You've got back your item and it is STACKED!!! icon:kira01icon:upicon:upicon:up icon:te02icon:happy02icon:te02


icon:eight You can stack as many as you wish!!! 
icon:paperATTENTION: But remember, place out the item that you wish to stack one by one, not all at the same time. Otherwise,  something might go wrong.


icon:nine Repeat the above steps.
icon:paperATTENTION: You have to repeat the same steps with no shortcuts, otherwise, the result may not comes out exactly as you wished. icon:gawk


icon:oneicon:zero Follow all the steps carefully and the result is as you wished!!! 


icon:oneicon:one If you are stacking different items and you want them to be in order, the arrangement goes like the following.
The very first item will be on the second, the second stacked item will on the third, and so on.
However, the last stacked item will be on the floor.  


See video to understand more clearly.

icon:keyIf you failed to stackicon:key

However, the above method might encounter error or failed to stack as you wished at times.

IF you are experiencing problem with stacking even though you have followed exactly every steps stated above, don't get disappointed. There's still a way to get through it. icon:sign04 icon:good

You can either pull your items back to your inventory and replace them again for a second try. 
Unexpectedly, you might get it through with that second try.


you may try the following method in the video. icon:happy01

I failed sometimes using the first method. 

The item rebound back to it's original place. 

So, if you are in the same case, follow the following steps as in the above video. 

icon:one Go back to "redecorate-mode".

icon:two Repeat the "stacking step" & click save.

icon:three Now as usual your item is gone.

icon:four Do not save your game first. Go back to "redecorate-mode".

icon:five Drag out a new item from your inventory and place it on the original place of the stacked item.

icon:six Click save.

icon:seven Then, SAVE the game and RELOAD.

icon:eight  And TADAAAAAAH!  The stacked item now rebound back to it's original place and stacked up with the third item that you've placed at the end.

This may be different from the first method but it still works in another way.  icon:smile icon:te02

If you are confused, refer to the video! icon:goodicon:goodicon:good

Here are some of my stacking works. Just to share icon:wink icon:hana01icon:hana02icon:hana03icon:hana04icon:hana05icon:hana06icon:hana07icon:hana08icon:hana13

icon:no01 Stack speakers on barrel !


icon:no02 Stack the pillars !!


icon:no03 Stack barrels with tap for a bar atmosphere !!!


icon:no04 Stack fridges to make an impact to the kitchen !!!!
See it opens!!!! Usable even on top! icon:happy02icon:upicon:up


Get CREATIVE to STACK !!! icon:kya-icon:te03

Good luck icon:rose03


icon:body2_a_paper ATTENTION icon:mark3_sign03

In case if you haven't seen my other tutorial on how to stack for smaller stuffs like for example, flowers, plants, speakers, TVs, stuffs which could place on top of a table or a block, check this out icon:mark3_sign04 Stack Stack STACK for an IMPACT!  icon:face2_happy02icon:a2_upicon:a2_upicon:a2_up

icon:body2_a_papericon:body2_a_paper DOUBLE ATTENTION icon:body2_a_papericon:body2_a_paper

Check out my new tutorial on How to Stack if you failed to stack or a little confused on this tutorialicon:mark3_sign03

icon:mark3_sign04 How to Stack AGAIN~! icon:face2_happy02icon:a2_upicon:a2_upicon:a2_upicon:h_kira01icon:h_kira01


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Comments (34)

Hi, will you be posting about the garden and such new updates the game added? Just wondering 'cause I'm wondering if there's anything I don't know about it or can learn. Thanks ^^

Kiyami  | September 4, 2009 06:28

Hello Kiyami,

I'm sorry for the updates delay. Been busy with works! Will be posting smth on it soon! Thank you for your support!

Haruka  | September 7, 2009 23:48

hi haruka! thx for the guide, it helps alot and it works!

but 1 question, i am following your " How to stack for EXPERT ver.2 " how do i make 3 storeys stack using that method. because afther the first stack is done, i can't manage to overlap the 2 'stacked' furniture anymore in order to proceed on with 3 storey stacks.

ruffy  | September 24, 2009 12:36

Hi ruffy,

If you were using the first method that I've mentioned in the tutorial and couldn't stack for the 3rd layer, try use the 2nd method instead. It'll be abit confusing...
The 2nd method works as the item failed to stack and bounce back to their original place. You just need to place anything you wanna stack at the original place and when the item bounce back, it will stack! :) Refer to the 2nd method! If it does not work still try reload your game.
It may not work properly at times coz this however is still not an official steps, just a bug on playfish system.(^-^) Good luck!

Haruka Author Profile Page | September 27, 2009 04:51

does this still work?
i've tried it many times but it doesn't work for me.. T_T

ruru  | September 27, 2009 20:04

Hi ruru,
Have you tried the second method?

Haruka Author Profile Page | September 27, 2009 21:06

no.. how does it work?
i'm a bit confused in here.. :p

ruru  | September 28, 2009 15:58

It's the method when you failed to stack using the first method. Try look at the second video I have in this tutorial~ :)

Haruka Author Profile Page | September 29, 2009 06:35

hi. i would like to stack the medium size fish tank on 2 room divders the big one. cos the medium fish tank occupies 2 spaces. i tried the 2nd method but its very hard to do. how should i do it properly?

CY  | October 6, 2009 18:23

hi. i would like to stack the medium size fish tank on 2 room divders the big one. cos the medium fish tank occupies 2 spaces. i tried the 2nd method but its very hard to do. how should i do it properly?

CY  | October 7, 2009 01:20

Hi CY,

Try to lay out the fish tank to where you want to place it.

Then lay out another item, any item (just temporary).
Drag the page until the "Tick" mark covers the temporary item.
Stack the fish tank on top the temporary item.
Click on it. Then it'll disappear as usual.
Go back to "re-decorate mode" and place in the 2 divider to the place which you've placed the fish tank before.
Click save and reload the game.

I think you should have the fish tank stack on to the dividers.

Check out my new tutorial on stacking. It's my method 2 of stacking but more detail. :)

If you still couldn't stack using this method, try switch back to method 1 ! :)

Good luck!

Haruka Author Profile Page | October 7, 2009 04:15

Hi! Haruka

Your guide is very informative but I have a problem stacking the greek column with the animal. The column is always on top of the animal. No matter how I tried the animal cannot be on top on the column. Please advise.


khoo  | October 19, 2009 00:28

Hi khoo,

The method that I've introduced works with the system bugs and I'm afraid there's no way to be accurate in the arrangement.:(

I recommend you to stack more than 2 layers, (for example, column + animal + column + animal + animal) you might get one pair which make animal on top of the column. Then try to take off the other items back to your inventory.

The point is give it a few try with more layers~ It works for me! :)

Haruka Author Profile Page | October 19, 2009 02:36

Thanks Haruka, I will try that again.

khoo  | October 19, 2009 20:42

How do you put thing on top of those drapery because I tried it but it didnt work. Thank you....

Nate  | October 19, 2009 22:55

Hi! Haruka

I tried stacking more objects to get the animal on the column and it works. But I found a less stedious way is to just use a divider block and make the column stands on it. Then, pull the block out of the restaurant and it will move back itself and then, it will allows the animal to be placed together with the column.

When I pressed the green arrow key, both methods will make the animal stands on the column BUT when I saved the game and open back the restaurant, the animal will always be under the column.

I think the animal will always be under the column no matter how we do it.

Please try yourself and confirm.

khoo  | October 20, 2009 02:35

Hello can i ask if its possible to stack buildings? Ive been searching everywhere but no luck x__________________x

Rejean  | October 22, 2009 03:47

hi Nate,

It's the same method as the stacking method.

Place the drapery on the wall then click on it and drag it to the "TICK" and click.

Go back to redecorate mode and place a wall item onto the wall which you had place the drapery in the first place.

Save and reload.

Sometimes you might get it the other way round. Try a few layers and a few times.

Good luck. :)

Haruka Author Profile Page | October 25, 2009 23:48

Hi Rejean,

I'm so sorry. Did you meant the exterior for building?

Haruka Author Profile Page | October 26, 2009 00:00

Hi Khoo,

I've tried myself loads of time when I'm doing my interior. Same as you, can't make it right no matter how many layers I did, It just go the other way round after I reload the game.

However, after trying like so many times with different layering, I got it stacked in the order I wanted at last. That was when I'm stacking the cat.

Recently, I've been staking pumpkins and unfortunately pumpkins will be at the bottom no matter what I've them stacked on top. Ignore the disorder and do other stacking! You'll see the one you first stacked successfully goes on top and the one you last staked remains at the bottom. Ignore and repeat stacking others, and you'll get the one stacked before up on top nicely.

Try and good luck :)

Haruka Author Profile Page | October 28, 2009 15:08

due, aweseom thread, i stuck some halloween cadles on oblisks with ease, thanks!!!!!! 5/5

Jeremy  | December 7, 2009 17:01

hey anybody know how to earn lots of money like around 50k???in one day???some cheats that don't nid cheat engine?

Anonymous  | December 14, 2009 04:13

i've been having a hard time stacking properly and with arrangement. i can't seem to get the right formula to stack items on the position i want. it goes like this.

1st, table
2nd, box
3rd, box
4th, cat.

then upon saving and reloading, the table went all the way up to the boxes and be the base of the cat. >_

btw, am using the new stacking glitch. and if ever you did reply, can you please do it on my website? thanks!!

Len  | December 29, 2009 19:26

Finally managed to get this to work, with those new "glow tubes" *cough*stripper poles!*cough*, they're on top of my bar XD

Ichalanna  | December 30, 2009 06:33

I have been trying to put a table on top of 4 blocks and i can not figure it out. i've tried everything but when i get it in the right spot it goes back to the bottom of the blocks...could you suggest a way? thanks dee

dee  | February 5, 2010 07:04

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TERI22Bentley  | May 28, 2010 02:15

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Flavia  | August 18, 2010 06:23

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chanel coco  | March 23, 2011 20:03

how to put dorrs in stacked item like divider blocks..

i want to have my restaurant a second floor the proble is, i cant put doors unto it..

noxight  | June 17, 2011 18:30



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