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July 29, 2009

New DRINKS Layout Change NEEDED

icon:happy02icon:japaneseteaicon:osake02icon:osakeNew DRINKS on Restaurant City. icon:osakeicon:osake02icon:japaneseteaicon:happy02

It is totally refreshenning when there is something NEW upgrades periodically to maintain the FUN of the game.icon:heart04

However, in order to serve the new menu, DRINKS, "Soda Dispenser"icon:osakeor "Drinks Fridge" icon:osake02are needed to be installed. 

A little bit different from other menus, DRINKS are not prepared by cook but waiter. 
Therefore, the DRINKS machine has to be placed somewhere reachable by waiters.

New menu are fun and you are probably now too busy searching for ingredients and busy on trading. But, there is something that you need to bear in mind that if you are the one who aim for the best layout on functionality and popularity, you definitely need to change for a new layout to suit this new upgrade of RC.

New DRINKS added and it takes more time for a waiter to prepare a drink to serve where current number of waiters might just not enough to cope up with all the customers. Unsatisfied customers effect the popularity of your restaurant. 

Therefore, it is time for a CHANGE in your layout.icon:bikkuri04

Previously, my advice of the best layout was cooks and waiters on the ratio of 6:2 (if you have 8 staffs) with 2 islands-layout in order to achieve 50.0 popularity. Refer to image as following.

harupirca_old_layout I was able to maintain 50.0 of popularity without having toilets or video games with this layout.
But when DRINKS machine installed, it is no longer possible. Waiters take times to prepare DRINKS to serve and it is impossible to maintain the best popularity with the current ratio and layout.

You might need to either cut off a number of tables or assign more waiters compare to the current one.

I've tried a few layout to test which will be the best layout.

My 1st TRY

harupirca_new_layout_drinks_installed_1 My first attempt was just trying to maintain the ratio of my staffs which is 6 cooks with 2 waiters. This layout is obviously not going to work because the waiters are required to walk more steps and more works to prepare drinks and serve. Too busy for the waiters.icon:coldsweats02icon:sweat01icon:sweat01icon:sweat01

 My 2nd Try

I like this layout. But, still it doesn't go up to 50.0 of popularity. Waiters seems to be not enough to serve food from 6 cooks and at the same time preparing drinks! icon:weepicon:sweat01icon:sweat01icon:sweat01

My 3rd Try

harupirca_new_layout_drinks_installed_3 At the moment, I think this would be the best for it maintain the best 50.0 popularity with no doubt. Decrease 6 cooks to 4 cooks and assign 4 waiters instead. Then, your restaurants will work the best out of it! No major changing but minor changing does help a lot. icon:happy01icon:kira01icon:kira01icon:kira01

*By the way, the other 2 Drinks Fridges installed behind the dispenser are just for decoration for my own layout. They do not get in used for customers. Just think that they are for kitchen use.*  icon:bleah

Proving 50.0 popularity with the new layout! icon:confidenticon:sweat01


Good Luck! icon:smile icon:note

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July 1, 2009

Get employees in position as you wish!

Ever get frustrated that your waiter never gets into place that you wish to?

Here, I would like to introduce a way which you can get your waiter in the right place anywhere as you wish. 

For those who are using island layouts, this method is definitely useful to help you get your waiter in the box precisely without getting into the same island leaving the other without a waiter. 

1. Waiters position 

Waiter usually stands in front of the stove from the start. However, they will move to another box accordingly if there is an obstacle placed there like as following.

waiter position
The waiter will just keep moving to another box accordingly if you keep on placing obstacle around the stove. They move according to the priority as following.
  waiter standing priority
For example, if you occupied box 1, box 2 and box 3, your waiter will next be in box 4. BUT if occupied all 7 boxes, your waiter will be gone. Nowhere will be found in your restaurant. 

waiter disappear

2. The arrangement of the stoves, cooks and waiters

The position of your cooks and waiters are determined by the order of your stoves and the order of your employee list (from left to right).

First of all, look at your employee list below your RC screen.

For example, my employees list order from left to right is as following.

employees list
Remember! from left to right order in your list!

Then, select your cooks and your waiters. Then number them as following.

employee list2

Number your cook in one category and number your waiter in another category following the order from left to right. 

And so, this is how it goes... 
Your 1st cook and your 1st waiter will stand with your 1st stove
Your 2nd cook and your 2nd waiter will stand with your 2nd stove.

employee list in order
I have placed my stoves in order from left to right and my cooks and waiters automatically stands in order from left to right.(^0^) 

Note* Your layout might be messed up if you touched any of the stoves after the redecoration. In order to make sure you've got the correct order, reload your game after you've made any changes to double confirm your layout! 

So now, according to this order, you can freely place your cooks and your waiters wherever you want them to be. 

 For example: I've re-arranged my stoves in this order.

stoves rearranged in order
See, I've got them just in order.

employees standing order
Remember to save your game and reload it to get a definite nicely ordered result!

For another example.
Let's say you have 6 cooks, 2 waiters with 2 island-style layout, all you need to bear in mind is to make sure your 1st and 2nd stove are placed in a different island. Like this.

stoves layout

And your employees will be in order nicely as you wished as following.

employees in order

Using the method as I explained in the above, I can even have this layout neatly without failure!

employees in order
Hope you've got it and Good Luck ! (^-^)

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