October 28, 2009

How to get perfect arrangement for EXTERIOR

Now, you must have gone through some frustration when your exterior arrangement kept running out of order in Restaurant City. icon:face2_pout

For example,

icon:h_annoy I want a icon:o_flairlamp posticon:o_flair to be at the front but it kept hiding behind something else. 

icon:h_annoy I want those icon:p_kiBIG treesicon:p_kito be at the back, but it kept coming to the front and cover up all my other decorations.

icon:h_annoy I just can't settle down the icon:p_hana05 flowerbed icon:p_hana05 nicely... 

So, here's the SOLUTION icon:mark3_sign03 icon:body2_a_punch

Before starting, we've to bear one thing in mind that we're going to arrange and decorate everything in layers

Take one of my complete design as an example. icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2icon:a2_down2

First of all, icon:body3_te03

icon:no01 Group all items farthest back as Layer 1.


icon:no02 Group items directly in front of Layer 1 as Layer 2.


icon:no03 Group items directly in front of Layer 2 as Layer 3.


icon:no04 Group items directly in front of Layer 3 as Layer 4.


icon:no05 Group items directly in front of Layer 4 as Layer 5.


Okay, now just bear in mind and remember the arrangement that you wish to have in LAYERS.

icon:num_1_one First, start with doors and windows.

icon:o_flair Doors or windows are always at the back no matter when you arrange it, so just take it easy here.


icon:num_2_two Save and reload.


icon:num_3_three Put in Layer 1 which you've in mind that they're gonna be the farthest back.


icon:num_4_four Save and reload.


icon:num_5_five Put in Layer 2 on top of Layer 1.


icon:num_6_six Save and reload.


icon:num_7_seven Put in Layer 3...

icon:o_flair After reloading, you might noticed that the layering arrangement is not righticon:mark3_sign01icon:face_shout already at this point. Layer 2 has gone to the back of Layer 1. But, don't worry and keep going icon:mark3_sign03 

icon:num_8_eight Save and reload.


icon:num_9_nine Put in Layer 4...

icon:o_flair Layer 2 is now fixed but Layer 3 (Flowerbed, windmill blade, trees...) is out hiding farthest back behind. Ignore and keep going.


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_0_zero Save and reload.


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_1_one Put in Layer 5...

icon:o_flair Same thing, Layer 3 is now fixed and with Layer 4 fall back hiding behind. You should have realized by now on how the layers arrange themselves every time you've reload the game.


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_2_two Save and reload.


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_3_three So now we have come to the last layer and the last layer usually always fall back farthest behind.  


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_4_four Save and reload again without doing anythingicon:mark3_sign01Which means, you should have double saving and reload at icon:num_1_oneicon:num_2_two.


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_5_five See icon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign03 Done perfectly icon:mark3_sign03 icon:face4_kao-a02 icon:body2_a_goodicon:h_kira01


icon:num_1_oneicon:num_6_six You can add in anything else that you wish as long as they do not clash with other objects.

I forgot my 3rd ghost. So, I'm going to add in my 3rd ghost to the right corner above. icon:o_dokuro icon:h_heart08


icon:body2_a_paper Remembericon:mark3_sign01 Do not bring back any items to inventory which you've placed out in order to get the perfect result icon:mark3_sign03 

And now we are done perfectly with the correct arrangement as you wished. icon:face3_kao07icon:h_kira02 icon:h_note

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