Daily Food Quiz UPDATES ... 26 Oct 2009

October 26, 2009

Daily Food Quiz UPDATES ... 26 Oct 2009

Daily Food Quiz UPDATES icon:h_bikkuri03icon:h_hatena01 ... 26 Oct 2009

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There are a lot of new questions updated by Playfish since the last Daily Food Quiz list I've prepared. icon:face3_kao18

So, here is a new updated list to refer. icon:h_shine

Remember, press [CTRL] + [F] and search for the keyword. icon:o_key

Q: Agar is a gelatinous substance derived from what?
A: Seaweed

Q: Which of the following herbs is found in Bearnaise Sauce?
A: Tarragon

Q: Which of the following beverages does not contain milk?
A: Espresso

Q: Bechamel sauce is also known as...
A: White Sauce

Q: To blanch a vegetable, means to?
A: Boil and Cool off quickly

Q: In which restaurant do you typically find burritos?
A: Mexican

Q: Calamari is fried?
A: Squid

Q: What is a Calzone?
A: A turnover made of pizza dough

Q: In which restaurant would you typically find Calzone?
A: Italian

Q: Caviar is made from?
A: Fish Egg

Q: What kind of pizza is chicago style?
A: Deep dish

Q: Chilli is a?
A: Fruit

Q: Which of these chillies is the spiciest?
A: Naga jolokia pepper

Q: What is chinese gooseberry called in ancient time?
A: Kiwi

Q: What is chocolate bloom?
A: Cocoa fat or sugar

Q: The chuck is found where on the cow?
A: Front

Q: Which coffee drink does not have any milk?
A: Espresso

Q: Which continent produces the most cocoa?
A: Africa

Q: What is coconut?
A: Fruit

Q: Q: A crepe is typical a ...?
A: Thinly cooked pancake

Q: Dim sum originated from which country?
A: China

Q: Dulce de leche is prepared by heating...?
A: Sweetened Milk

Q: Which sauce is typically used in the dish Eggs Benedict?
A: Hollandaise sauce 

Q: Where did Feta Cheese come from?
A: Greece 

Q: The flank is found where on the cow?
A: Mid

Q: Foie gras is food made from which part of an animal?
A: Liver

Q: In England, French Fries are called?
A: Chips

Q: To garnish a dish, means to?
A: Add final touches

Q: What is gelatin made of?
A: Algae

Q: How many Gourmet points do you get for a level 10 dish?
A: 2.8

Q: Granny smith apples are?
A: Green

Q: Grapes grow on?
A: Vines

Q: The main ingredient in Guacamole is?
A: Avocado

Q: Where is the hamburger originaly from?
A: United states

Q: What is Hashi? 
A: Chopsticks

Q: Which of the following herbs is found in Béarnaise Sauce?
A: Tarragon

Q: Honey comes from?
A: Bees

Q: What is the main ingredient in Houmous?
A: Chickpeas

Q: Hors D'oeuvres is French for?
A: Appetizers

Q: What is Houmous made of?
A: Chickpeas

Q: Kimchi is a Korean dish made of fermented?
A: Vegetables

Q: What is Ketchup made of?
A: Tomatoes

Q: Kobe Beef originates from which country?
A: Japan

Q: Lard is the fat obtained from which animal? 
A: Pig

Q: Marzipan is made from?
A: Almonds

Q: Which of the following is not found in basic Mayonnaise?
A: Milk

Q: Naan is typically from?
A: India

Q: Naan Bread is served with... ?
A: Indian Food

Q: Natto, a traditional Japanese food, is made from fermented?
A: Soybeans

Q: New-York Style Pizzas are typically?
A: Thin crust

Q: Which of these is not a type of noodle?
A: Miso

Q: Which of the following is traditionally found in pesto?
A: Basil

Q: The pizza originates from which country?
A: Italy

Q: To poach something means?
A: To cook in boiling water

Q: To Proof dough means to...
A: Allow it to rise

Q: Prunes are dried...?
A: Plums

Q: Raisins are dried...?
A: Grapes

Q: Ratatouille is?
A: A vegetarian dish

Q: The main ingredient of Ratatouille is?
A: Tomatoes

Q: To refresh vegetables is....?
A: To immerse in COLD water

Q: What is the color of Rhubarb?
A: Red

Q: The rump is found where on the cow?
A: Back

Q: What is Saffron?
A: Spice

Q: Saffron is a?
A: Spice

Q: What gives traditional salsa verde its vibrant green color?
A: Parsley

Q: Sauerkraut is made from?
A: Fermented Cabbage

Q: To saute a dish, means to?
A: Fry quickly in hot pan

Q: The sirloin is found where on the cow?
A: Mid

Q: What is the most expensive spice in the world?
A: Saffron

Q: Which of the following spices is the most expensive?
A: Pure Vanilla (when Saffron is not in the choices - Saffron is more expensive than pure vanilla.)

Q: Traditional Soy Sauce is?
A: Salty

Q: Steak tartare is a meat dish made from raw?
A: Beef

Q: What is Stracchino?
A: a fresh cheese from Italy

Q: In which restaurant would you typically find sushi?
A: Japanese

Q: Where does taco orignate from?
A: Mexico

Q: In which restaurant would you typically find tacos?
A: Mexican

Q: In which restaurant would you typically find Tapas?
A: Spanish

Q: What is the main ingredient of tofu?
A: Soybean

Q: tomato is a?
A: Fruit

Q: Are Truffles a?
A: Fungi

Q: What color is Tuna meat?
A: Pink

Q: The Tuna is a?
A: Salt Water Fish

Q: Where is Tuna from?
A: Salt Water

Q: The main ingredients in Tzatziki are?
A: Yoghurt and Cucumber

Q: Venison is the meat from what animal?
A: Deer

Q: What is the main ingredient of wasabi?
A: Horseradish

Q: Wasabi is made from a type of Japanese?
A: Horseradish

Source: http://forum.playfish.com/showthread.php?t=529150


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Comments (9)

Love this page. Never fail to open this before I start my quiz :)
BTW, I think you missed out a disclaimer for this question:
Q: Which of the following spices is the most expensive?
A: Pure Vanilla
Your previous posting, you mentioned that the answer is Pure Vanilla in the absence of Saffron.

Kiwi  | October 28, 2009 10:11

Thank you Kiwi~!!

I've just added back a note* regarding Pure Vanilla and Saffron! :D

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