June 21, 2009


Trading your ingredients with your friends is the most efficient way and faster to what you want!

Trade with all your friends in your own street~
But, friends are so limited?
Then, start to add, Add,
ADD people from all over the world to your Facebook friend's list!

Create a new list and name it [Restaurant City] or [RC] in your friend list so that you don't mix it with your current real friends.

Then, search and join one of the 
Restaurant City Adding Group in Facebook,
then start posting "
ADD ME" in the discussion board like this!

discussion board add me
This community seems started just to ass among RC's residents!
And there're lots more...

I did one too~ (^0^;

haruka add me

WS000001-6.JPGYou can either post in one of the topic made, or open a topic by yourselves.(^-^)

And, therefore I got all these adds in just minutes!!!

adds in profile

By adding, not only you can trade with your new added friends, you can earn your first visit bonus ingredient as well~! (^0^*)

Add, get bonus ingredient, trade, and you can delete the account if you want to avoid loading problems!


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Comments (4)

No wonder you shoot like a rocket in gaining the experiences. Wandering how you achieved it within a short time and now I know.

Delvise Ngeaw Chun Wah  | June 21, 2009 09:46

So that's the case? Quite a reevlation that is.

Magda  | January 17, 2012 21:51

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appodu  | January 18, 2012 17:45

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ktkrihrlmyi  | January 19, 2012 20:44



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