November 11, 2009

The results of the My Playfish Halloween competition

The RESULT of My Playfish Halloween Competition is OUTicon:mark3_sign03

The official Playfish icon:an_fish says:

With Halloween done for another year, there's just one last issue to clear up.

Who won?

You might well ask. If you take a look at the competition tab on the Playfish fan page you'll see there's been thousands and thousands of entries.

So who won?

Well... more people than we first said would win. The quality of entries, and we really should have seen this coming because this is so typical of you guys, the quality of entries was absolutely amazing.

And who won?

We're just coming to that. OK, so in ascending order, starting from 14th place, without further ado we present to you the winners of our 2009 My Playfish Halloween competition!

The winners below came 14th to 4th place respectively and win 100 Playfish Cash! Congratulations everyone!


And, who are the 14 LUCKY WINNERicon:mark3_sign04icon:mark3_sign02icon:mark3_sign02 icon:o1_crown

Click image to proceed to the original Playfish Facebook page. icon:body3_te03

icon:h_shine14th: Laura Ip
This entry was actually newly added by Playfish icon:an_fish after previous chosen work who got 4th place has been disqualified for being against the Terms and Conditions of this competition.

Playfish icon:an_fish**We are sad to announce that the original entry awarded with the 4th place has been disqualified as the use of online photo editing website such as Photofunia infringes our competition's T&C. However, this means we get the chance to reward one more of you, which, considering all the fab entries we had to dismiss, is really good news!
Congratulations to Laura IP who is now in 14th place!

Anyway, click here if you're curious to see the previous 4th place.

* Yeah, it's not his fault of being chosen. He is still a fan of Playfish icon:an_fish I guess, and he at least took this opportunity to participate. I'd have to admit, it's Playfish icon:an_fish lil' fault who didn't see through this in the first place. Poor guy.. icon:face3_kao10


icon:h_shine13th: Tsuki Moudo



icon:h_shine12th: Alex D'Point Du Lac



icon:h_shine11th: Karen Amy Clark



icon:h_shine10th: Hamza Oudich



icon:h_shine9th: Lusi Maria



icon:h_shine8th: Danilo Machuca



icon:h_shine7th: Gem Vecino



icon:h_shine6th: Rachel Quinney



icon:h_shine5th: Steve Benjamin


icon:h_shine4th: Chuva Chu Chu Bree


And the BEST 3 icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03icon:mark3_sign03 icon:num_3_threeicon:h_kira01icon:num_2_twoicon:h_kira01icon:num_1_one

icon:o1_crownicon:h_shine3rd place: Iman Chan

7627_161091972674_632922674_2808295_5686968_nThis is soooooo well-made of clay. icon:o_dokuroicon:h_kira02 Cuutee icon:h_heart08


icon:o1_crownicon:h_shine2nd place: Robyn Williams

14335_623670108548_60715969_35655521_5428715_nNiceicon:h_heart08 All story-game of Playfish is IN. Country Story, Pet Society, Crazy Planets, Restaurant Cityicon:mark3_sign03 Well-summarized. icon:w_7_star


icon:o1_crownicon:h_shine1st place: Ignatius Eldwin

Well done tooicon:mark3_sign01 A lot complained about this shouldn't be the 1st, but I think it's still the better one among most. icon:face3_kao06


Not sure why but the results were being announced at Pet Society's blog instead of the official Playfish main blog.. icon:face3_kao17

Check out the original page:

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October 26, 2009

My Playfish Halloween Competition

You should be aware by now that Playfish is holding a competition AGAINicon:mark3_sign03 icon:face_self-conscious_smileicon:h_kira01


icon:o_dokuro My Playfish Halloween Competition icon:o_dokuro

This is what Playfish says about the Competition icon:w_5_l_thunder


With Halloween on the way we wanted to see how you celebrate Halloween Playfish style, and win some amazing prizes! 

All you have to do is post something on the fan wall titled "My Playfish Halloween". It can be a video, or a comic, or a song... anything you like. Maybe you'd like to make a Halloween costume and show us a photograph, or perhaps you want to compose a song all about your Playfish Halloween? Perhaps you'd like to hold a Playfish themed party either in Pet Society, Restaurant City, Country Story or Crazy Planet or even in real life and you want to show us what you have planned? Our three favourite entries will win some mind blowing Playfish prizes!


First up you need to become a fan of Playfish -- this allows you to post the fans to the Playfish fanpage. Just click the 'Become A Fan' button at the top of the Playfish fanpage like so: 


If you've made a video, all you have to do is click the 'Video' button below and follow the instructions to upload it. If you've made an image you need to click the 'Image' button below then post the image to the wall by writing a new post on the wall with the message "My Playfish Halloween" and click the 'Photo' button to attach your photo to the post like this: 

Then just click the 'Share' button to post your entry to the wall! 

Our 10 favorites will be each be catapulted to stardom and win a goody bag of Playfish merchandise and a whole stack of Playfish Cash! 1st place will be awarded with 1000 PFC, 2nd place 500 PFC, 3rd place 250 PFC and 4th to 10th place 100 PFC. We'll be taking entries until November 4th at midnight GMT and reporting the winners soon after. Just make sure you agree with the Terms & Conditions prior to entering!



Check out the official page for My Playfish Halloween icon:o_dokuro

Good Luck~ icon:o_dokuroicon:h_kira01

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