The Restaurant City Menu List (DESSERT)

October 19, 2009

The Restaurant City Menu List (DESSERT)

Till date 19 October 2009 (current), there are 16 menus + 1 limited menu for DESSERT. icon:f_noodle icon:h_shine


icon:f_c_cake2 DESSERT icon:f_c_cake2

Fruit Selection
Ingredients: Banana, strawberry, apple


Strawberry Cake
Ingredients: Strawberry, flour, butter, sugar


Chocolate Cake with Icecream
Ingredients: Chocolate, flour, icecream


Strawberry Cheese Cake
Ingredients: Strawberry, cheese, flour


Ingredients: Flour, egg, butter


Creme Brulee
Ingredients: Egg, cream, sugar


Pumpkin Pie
Ingredients: Pumpkin, flour, sugar


Cheese Board
Ingredients: Cheese, cheese, cheese


Banana Split
Ingredients: Banana, cream, icecream


Ingredients: Icecream, chocolate, cream


Mango Pudding
Ingredients: Mango, milk, lime


Kiwi Sorbet
Ingredients: Kiwi, lemon, sugar


Exotic Fruit Skewers
Ingredients: Dragon fruit, mango, kiwi


Pomegranate Parfait
Ingredients: Pomegranate, cream, egg


Vanilla Panna Cotta
Ingredients: Vanilla, sugar, milk


Ingredients: Egg, cream, coffee beans


icon:o_dokuro LIMITED menu for Halloween icon:o_dokuro
Halloween Treats
Ingredients: Sugar, pumpkin, vanilla, flour



Other MENUS LIST icon:a2_down2

icon:o_p_enpitu02 STARTER
icon:o_p_enpitu02 MAIN
icon:o_p_enpitu02 DESSERT
icon:o_p_enpitu02 DRINK

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Comments (9)

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