Restaurant City Market. Trade trade TRADE !

June 21, 2009

Restaurant City Market. Trade trade TRADE !

Besides adding people or asking people to add from the discussion board stated in the last entry, you should also get started with the Restaurant City Market!

Restaurant City Market is an application in Facebook created specially for "trading purpose".


give or want_RC_market

ONE click for your the ingredient that you want Give and TWO click for the ingredient that you Want.
Then you'll see this list:

RC market_trading folksA list of people who match your needs of Giving and Wanting. Go ahead and add people who you think that can trade fairly with you to your Facebook friend list. Create a new list as "Restaurant City" and categorize them so that you mix up your RC friends with your real friends~ (^0^)
By adding them, you gain one BONUS ingredient and you can TRADE~ (^3^)

trade market post on profileYou can even post them on your profile to attracts trader~!

And please do understand the following statistic chart provided!

statistic ingredients chartThis chart shows you the popular ingredient and the unpopular ingredient.
Please do request your trade accordingly and fairly. Know other people menu, see what they need from their menu before you trade so that you won't get a decline. (^-^)

Message from Restaurant City Market:

Tip: Update your ingredients list regularily!
Tip: Let others know about your level so they can easily find you.
Tip: When adding someone, mention it is for Restaurant City (RC) and your level in the game.


Good luck~!


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