What is Gourmet Points?

June 18, 2009

What is Gourmet Points?

Gourmet points, also known as GP is points you gain for level-ups. You can see your current GP together with your Level on the status bar on top of your screen. You gain GP and level-up more faster when you have your menu upgraded. Menu maxi level is L10. First menu gained 1.0 point and it goes up 0.2 each time you have your menu upgraded.
L1   : 1.0
L2   : 1.2
L3   : 1.4
L4   : 1.6
L5   : 1.8
L6   : 2.0
L7   : 2.2
L8   : 2.4
L9   : 2.6
L10  : 2.8

Like this! 
And, if you really want to gain GP even more faster, keep your browser on! You can just leave it on while you can do your other works on another window. As long as you leave your Restaurant window running, your GP will be increasing. You could gain money even though when you are offline max until $2,000, but aren't going to gain any GP without leaving the window on.

Do your best to level-up your status and beat your friends~ (^0^)

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