Make Your Employees Looking Good !

June 23, 2009

Make Your Employees Looking Good !

For those who do not know, you can not only change your employees dresses, you can even transform them to whatever face that you want them to be.

Almost all my employees had the very basic look and I do not like it.
So here's my employees transformation to a beauty~

transformation before and after

Single eyelid, cool eyes to a attractive blue eyes~



transformation before and afterSmiley air-stewardess to a cool red-haired girl~



transformation before and afterNormal girl to a rabbit-ty cutey~



transformation before and afterHousemaid cleaner style to a pure cutey but still a housemaid...



transformation before and after

A decent little girl to a dolly china doll~

BUT, one thing to be aware is...

Your newly made employees may come to work one day looking like this...
face changedMy dolly china doll...(><) sigh...
I would like to say, incident like this might happen if you hired a friend who is not playing Restaurant City. You can change their dresses, you can change their face, but not their hair color and skin color... (><)

It seems like all characters with no owners is programmed to switch look randomly. (><)

I was shocked, and I have decided to sack her for ruining my restaurant image...

Some advice for you is that, when looking for a new staff, remember to choose the one with your favourite color skin and your favourite color hair!!

And so, I hired her for the lost.
beforeI couldn't find my dolly china doll back...
But I like my new staff's skin and hair color which goes with blue eyes just nice. (Since another of my white haired staff came to work with brown hair the next day also...(><) ) 

This is how it goes to transform your employees.

1. Buy all the face parts (only 1 in each category) that you need for 1 employee at a time at "dress yourself" in your menu tab.
2. Stock them in your inventory.
3. Click to an employee's profile and click "change employee outfit".
4. Start to change all the parts one by one as shown*.
Tip: Basically, the shop doesn't show anything else except dresses. But during your change with the face parts that you bought, the shop shows category of the item accordingly to the item in your inventory.
For example: If you stop at eyebrow while transforming your employee, go to "shop" and you will be in the "Eyebrow Shop". Only then, you can buy straight away from the shop. (^-^) See example shown on the video - track 0:27.

Oh yeah, one more thing...
Your employee might come to work look like this too...
face changedand she is IN Restaurant City. (><)

Just wanna say, not only the one who are not in Restaurant City, even the friend you hired is active in RC, she/he may change their style one day, effecting your employee... (><)

Well, enjoy~!


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Comments (13)

lol, the she hulk is Cindy right?

Anonymous  | July 2, 2009 17:50

Yes...(- -;

Haruka  | July 3, 2009 14:00

icon:hatena01So this won't work if I already have lots of outfits in stock right?? icon:face_sad

Kiyami  | August 2, 2009 14:53

I'm afraid so.
But what I do was sending the extra stocks to one of your friend for the moment and claim back after you have finish making over your staffs!

Haruka  | August 2, 2009 17:44

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Brain Ivey  | April 13, 2010 02:58

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restaurant supply  | April 30, 2010 02:53

Ha ha ha ha… Very funny. I liked it a lot.

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Hopper35Hannah  | June 11, 2010 16:55

I like it a lot, Its very cute..I like that girl with a rabbit smile. haha..Very very cute!

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