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June 13, 2009

Restaurant City


20090615 My RcWhat is Restaurant City?
For those who do not know,
Restaurant City is a game application on Facebook by Playfish.

Playfish says:

  • Improve and decorate your restaurant!
  • More than 40 recipies to learn and upgrade!
  • Visit friends and trade ingredients!
  • Hire your friends to do the dirty work!

Remember, the closer the tables are to the stoves, the quicker your waiters can serve the guests.

What is the definition of Restaurant City?
You are going to own a restaurant.
You decorate the restaurant.
But before you have the money to buy stuffs to decorate your restaurant, you need to earn more money.
You can earn more money by keeping your restaurant running all the time, get ingredients to upgrade your menu, think of a best layout for your restaurant and so on.
So far, the highest level is up to
L27 but your restaurant will keep running continuously where there's no end. But there are still much to explore and unlock~! It probably takes forever to unlock all your menus, get all the trophies, explore what is the best for your restaurant~! (If you are not into "cheat" (><) )

Check it out on this site on how to play this game and all the tips and tricks in the game~! ! !


  Click to Play~!

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